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Is Your MLM Upline Causing You More Harm Than Good ?

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By reading this article you will know why cold calling and the 3 foot rule that your mlm upline is accustomed to using as a training tactic is holding you back from financial stability. You will learn how to attract targeted prospects to your opportunity who will want to join you in business because you have a proven record as an expert in your field. You will find out how to leverage your mlm network marketing opportunity and start living the life that you've always dreamed about.


Is your internet network marketing business fulfilling your dreams and wishes? I know mine wasn't. Between buying leads, fliers, phone bills, and other old school marketing techniques I was headed right for the poor house.


Do you have customers and prospects contacting you to be a part of your mlm opportunity? I never in my wildest dreams thought this could happen. Certainly not by calling my circle of influence, hounding my friends, and hoping that no one would recognize me while I was putting fliers on car windshields. Thanks to the internet and my expert knowledge on search engine optimization I have a downline that has achieved more success and quicker than I ever did and I take great pride in that.


If your mlm upline sponsor is still talking to you about the 3 foot rule and cold calling your financial stability is at serious risk. There was a time when grand openings at your home and company meetings at a hotel was considered an innovative way of marketing and being social at the same time. You could get together with friends for cheese and crackers, present your opportunity in a non aggressive fashion, and possibly make a sale or two. Times have changed. Our society is rush, rush, rush. Fast food, remote controls, microwave ovens, high speed internet; this is why the “old school” methods are ineffective.


The internet has changed the way people do business and socializing for business using Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, and Linkedin have become the new innovative ways of marketing. When you learn how to use these media venues properly your mlm network marketing opportunity will grow expotentially. Suidoo, Hub Pages, e-zine article marketing, or your own website to name a few all play key roles in freeing yourself from your mlm upline sponsors “old school” tactics. Your business has much to gain by getting online. No more cold calling. No more 30 foot rule and the store is open 24/7 without even having to greet a prospect in person.


Start living the life of your dreams and stay out of the poor house. Become an expert in your field by learning about the new model of attraction marketing, enjoy the benefits of free targeted traffic and watch your downline grow. Your mlm upline sponsor will be scratching her/his head wondering what you've been up to.


For a free 20 minute consultation with James Rouse send an e-mail to james@attraction-marketing-techniques.com

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