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The Renegade Professional Demo - Are You Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

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Are you a smart network marketer? Done your research? Ready for the Renegade Professional demo? What you are about to see is an enormous online subscription tutorial training program created for all levels of marketers. You will learn how to attract targeted prospects to your business or opportunity and generate free leads using the internet. When you become a member you will have full access to the best click by click training on the planet. But don't take my word for it. You be the judge.

If any members of my team have already started with the training this Renegade Professional demo will help you navigate the site with more ease. For non members this is not a directory of Ebooks to download.

The Renegade Professional is a video training program that gets you into action through webinars and training exercises designed to help you :

  • Build a blog
  • Write articles using a template
  • Create content online ( for free )
  • Be an attractive social networker
  • Use bookmarking sites
  • Create videos for marketing with YouTube
  • Write Email marketing campaigns that build trust
  • Attract targeted prospects to you
  • Present yourself as a professional
  • Create podcasts
  • Do keyword research and SEO optimization ( my specialty )
  • And more....

Plus, as you will soon find out with this Renegade Professional demo, an ongoing education. As of this writing there are over 50 expert trainers on the Renegade Professional staff creating webinars and click by click training all for your benefit. Unlike Ebooks that have a beginning and an end; the Renegade Professional is always adding something new and building on the successes of others to help you become more successful.

But first; there are a few things that you should know and do:

  1. The video files are large. Most people who drop out of the program do so because of slow downloads. The solution is using a 3 foot ethernet cable from your modem to your computer.
  2. If you try to take on too much too fast you will get overwhelmed. Work at your own pace there is no time limit on building a profitable business.
  3. Follow the training plan as outlined in the Renegade Professional demo. If you feel like you've missed something or need to review go back to previous tutorials.
  4. Try all of the marketing techniques taught in the tutorials. You'd be surprised by what you may discover. Once you see what is converting well, what you are good at, and what you enjoy ; exploit them to your hearts content. Do not limit yourself to one marketing venue; use several.
  5. I will be ( or already am ) your guide, leader, friend, mentor, confidant, or whatever you want to call me. If you need help, get overwhelmed, or simply want to pick my brains; just ask. I am here to help you.

When you first log in to the Renegade Professional you will be brought to the main menu which will
Welcome you to the 'Attraction Marketing' Office ! ( Username is 'Your username')

Renegade Professional Main Menu

As you can see there are 13 menu options beginning with “start here check list”. This is a Renegade Professional demo so I won't elaborate too much on the Renegade University but if you haven't already joined the Free University you should.

Renegade University

The University, which is part of the Renegade professional, will give you a solid background on attraction marketing which will make using the Professional much easier.

Renegade Professional Start Here

Lets start the Renegade Professional demo at the beginning.

Renegade Professional
Renegade Professional
Renegade Professional

The foundation of your online business begins with planning and preparation. Take your time, watch all of the tutorials. If it takes a week to complete this section thats fine. Remember you're building a business here.

Renegade Professional 90 day action guide

Fill out the 90 Day Action Guide and follow it to a “T” as you progress through the Renegade Professional Training. Near the bottom of the start here check list is an audio from Mike Klingler and Ann Sieg about challenges that you may encounter. Don't miss this and also the webinar from Eric Walker which will help you with the 90 day Action Guide.

Attraction Marketing

Now you're ready for the nuts and bolts of the Renegade Professional demo. The Attraction Marketing section is where you are going to learn how to market your business or opportunity big time. Starting with:

Renegade Professional Tutorials

You will be living in this section for a very long time possibly indefinitely because they keep on adding more tutorials and valuable educational materials.

Renegade Professional Tutorials
Renegade Professional low cost Tutorials
Renegade Professional
Renegade Professional
Renegade Professional
Renegade Professional
Renegade Professional
Renegade Professional
Renegade Professional

Each one of the above sections are tutorial(s) teaching you how to take your business to another level. Do not miss the Writing With Pull Class It should be mandatory. Remember in the bulleted list of the Renegade Professional demo above about writing articles using a template? This is it. This class is so good that I have to share the first of the six classes with you. Writing with pull class 1

Renegade Professional Social Sites

“Put your focus here” is an understatement. Devour this section.
Seen enough? Want to be a professional today? claim your account here

Social Marketing Phase I

Renegade Professional

I have to give them a lot of credit for starting here. Squidoo is a great medium to practice writing content for the internet. Plus its easy to do. Squidoo has a good PR ranking, your content is live on the internet, and your page is indexable by the search engines. More importantly; it gets you into action.
Content Sharing Continued

Renegade Professional

Are you curious to see how the tutorials look? Heres a treat from the Renegade Professional demo. Watch the Better Than Google social networking tutorial training video exactly as it is in the Renegade Professional.

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional
More on Social Sites

Renegade Professional
Renegade Professional

Here's another sneak peak from the Renegade Professional demo. Direct from the Professional Blogging For Beginners

Video Sharing

Renegade Professional

That concludes Phase I in Social Marketing. Its been said that this is a massive tutorial training program so lets move on to

Renegade Professional Demo Phase II

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional
Dean Caporella's Keyword Research tutorial is a must see prior to building a blog/website or even the single page website that you get in the Account Options Section. If you do plan on a blog and a website, which you should, save your most profitable keyword phrase for these.

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional
And More Social sites tutorials

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

That's it for Phase II. Still not enough? Believe it or not there is more in the Social Marketing Section.

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Want to be a professional today? claim your account here

That's a lot of training for $1.64/day. When you become a member you will hear Mike Klingler mention on several occasions. To maximize your results you need to have an even mix of training and action. So set aside time for training and implement what you've learned by getting into action.

There is still more in this Renegade Professional demo so lets quickly go back to the attraction marketing menu

Renegade Professional

Professionals, businesses, Non-Profits is one of the newest sections that is still incomplete. As mentioned earlier they are always adding more to the Renegade Professional.

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Renegade Professional

Lead Capture Pages displays your referral links for use when promoting Renegade Professional, Renegade University, Breakthrough Mentoring Program, and other programs as they become available. Prospects who enter through these links will be displayed in your referrals area until they upgrade to Professional when they will be moved to the Affiliates area.

Banner Ads are an assortment of Banners that you can use to promote The Renegade University on your website or blog when you have one.

Resources Section is a list of tutorials that you will be referred to from time to time during some of your training. They are listed here as a convenience in the event that need to find one.

Renegade Professional

Now the Renegade Professional demo brings us back to the main menu.

Renegade Professional

We just talked about the Referrals and Affiliates in the Lead Capture description above. The Renegade University was briefly discussed at the beginning of this Renegade Professional demo which brings us to Account Options.

Renegade Professional

Edit Profile is pretty self explanatory except in the Renegade Professional you will sign up to be an affiliate with other programs related to business. Such as: web hosting, Email marketing software, and Ebooks written by the Renegade Professional expert trainers. Just like the Renegade Network Marketer information product when one of your referrals purchases a product you earn a commission without even promoting it.

Personal Site is included in your subscription to the Renegade professional. Its a one page website that you can refer people to. When you learn about presenting yourself as a professional you might want to purchase a domain name to redirect the URL. You don't have to use the personal site its just part of the master plan to get you into action.

The rest of the Account Options Section is pretty basic stuff.

That concludes the Renegade Professional demo. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, attracting targeted customers to your business, and building a list of prospects; then this is what you need.

There are no long term contracts. Stay a member as long as you wish and leave when you feel like you've had enough. The Renegade Professional is a growing program that is committed to providing the highest quality value available online. Take the Renegade Professional demo for a test drive; you have nothing to lose because it comes with a hassle free 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

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