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Intermediate HTML - Learn How To Create Text Links, Lists, Basic Tables, And More 

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We covered some simple formatting in the HTML basics now lets move on to some intermediate html. What we will cover in this tutorial are text links, adding color to text, creating a bulleted list, creating a numbered list, creating a nested list (bullets and numbers), basic tables, and creating a box around text.

Not all content management systems are created equal so it all depends on which system you are using. Having said that; the system that these codes will work for flawlessly is Site build It. Near the end of this page you will be left with a table of special HTML entities.

   Text links

Links are your websites bread and butter. Without links there wouldn't be a web. Its critical to have well built links within your site sending your visitors to other pages on your site, off your site, and to your monetization model. There's nothing worse than to have a well written page only to find broken links. Your credibility will be damaged and the search engines could penalize you. Always check your links before uploading your page(s).
  • <a href="”URL" goes here”>text goes here</a> The above text link is most commonly used to link to another page on your site.
  • <a href="”URL" goes here” target="”_blank”">text goes here</a> The above text link would link to a page off your site but open in a new window. This way your site is still visible in your visitors browser. Its a good practice to use this link whenever you send your visitor off site
  • <a href="””" target="”_blank”"> check out my site</a> And this is what you get: check out my site.

    Until you get comfortable with this coding you may want copy the following and paste it in to a document on your computer for later use. Then paste the full URL between the quotation marks, and type in your link text between the opening tag and the closing tag.
    <a href="””"></a>